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3 of my photoshop edits.. matt’s img was black and white before i started on it.  the last one is my version of eternity clock from the game using a base img of clock from actual game out of google…

Why are you always so young?
Nah. That was you.



The lazy girl’s guide to colouring gifs, part 2: blueish.

1) Find a bit of Doctor Who that looks blueish.

2) Make a gif of it.

You are welcome.


Doctors + other Doctors (Pt. 1)


My obligatory Sunday night image post, another one featuring Oswin (something about that red dress keeps inspiring me)…as you can see, he has rescued her and is showing her the stars…on the tame side compared to my stuff as of late.


Doctor Who meme: 9 Scenes [5/9]

 Ten and Donna in “The Runaway Bride”

Listen! - Doctor Who Series 8 2014: Teaser trailer - BBC One


So, who was she?

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